Radiation Testing All Clear


In response to concerns of radiation content from ever aware consumers over the Fukushima incident and various other pollutants that have been reported, we have commissioned testing again….for the usual suspects - herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.….PLUS a full radiation screening.

In the wake of the devastating Fukushima uranium plant collapse and the potential environmental impact, this seemed a practical step to take to reassure our OxyMin® greens customers that what they have enjoyed for over 10 years still remains pure….

We are pleased to report:

Our organically grown OxyMin® aqua Greens remain super CLEAN &  are now confirmed as RADIATION FREE!

The radiation testing was for Caesium 134, Caesium 137 and Ruthenium and was carried out by a NATA accredited laboratory (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) and all levels were below acceptable levels.