Radiation Testing All Clear


In response to concerns of radiation content from ever aware consumers over the Fukushima incident and various other pollutants that have been reported, we have commissioned testing again….for the usual suspects - herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.….PLUS a full radiation screening.

In the wake of the devastating Fukushima uranium plant collapse and the potential environmental impact, this seemed a practical step to take to reassure our OxyMin® greens customers that what they have enjoyed for over 10 years still remains pure….

We are pleased to report:

Our organically grown OxyMin® aqua Greens remain super CLEAN &  are now confirmed as RADIATION FREE!

The radiation testing was for Caesium 134, Caesium 137 and Ruthenium and was carried out by a NATA accredited laboratory (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) and all levels were below acceptable levels.

Crossing the globe with Algal Bio Fuel and Sunshine


Peter Berlin reports for France24.com that French adventurer Raphaël Dinelli plans to fly across the Atlantic in 2015 in a plane powered only by algae and sunshine. Dinelli, 44, a well-known French round-the-world sailor, has designed a non-polluting plane, called Eraole. He hopes it will be the first plane to leave no carbon footprint when it flies.

“I want to attempt what Charles Lindbergh did in 1927, namely to cross the Atlantic solo and non-stop. If I succeed, it will be the first transatlantic flight in history without a carbon footprint,” he told France’s Le Figaro newspaper.

Eraole plane powered only by algae and sunshine.Eraole, will be eight meters long with a wingspan of 14 meters and made of carbon fibre. It will weigh 750 kilograms. The solar panels will generate 25 per cent of its energy, Dinelli estimates.

For the estimated 50-hour flight across the Atlantic, Dinelli and his team calculated that batteries would be too heavy. They toyed with the idea of using hydrogen, but decided that would make the plane a potential “bomb.”

They ultimately turned to a diesel generator powered by oil extracted from microalgae, free of the polluting particulates and, said Dinelli, because the algae take their CO2 from the atmosphere, carbon neutral.

Algal“Aviation must turn to other technologies to limit greenhouse gas emissions and costs,” he told Le Figaro.

Dinelli plans to make the flight in June 2015 to exploit the long hours of sunshine at the summer solstice, although he says the flight will need good weather and a favorable wind. To save energy the plane could glide for three or four hours a day.
To save weight, his cockpit will also not be pressurized. “I will be cold and lack oxygen, like the aviation pioneers,” Dinelli told FRANCE 24




Spirulina as a Solution to World Hunger


IIMSAM - Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition - serves the international community in the capacity of a Permanent Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, located at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York.

Malnutrition is by far the most important single cause of illness and death globally. The costs of malnutrition in terms of lost development and productivity are enormous. Even mild to moderate malnourishment in the womb reduces future cognitive development of a child. 

IIMSAM envisions raising the level of nutrition and improvement of public health through Spirulina- a micro-algae abundant in essential proteins, minerals and vitamins that can be easily assimilated by the human body. Spirulina has preventive and curative aspects; and inherent benefits of easy availability, accessibility, and affordability; make it an important policy tool of tremendous practical significance to enrich the human capital across the globe especially among the Developing and the Least Developed Countries.

Spirulina gives major nutritional improvement for malnourished children

Spirulina offers remarkable health benefits to an undernourished person.

Spirulina is rich in beta carotene that can overcome eye problems caused by Vitamin A deficiency. The protein and B-vitamin complex makes a major nutritional improvement in an infant's diet. It is the only food source, except for mother's milk, containing substantial amounts of an essential fatty acid GLA – Gamma Linoleic Acid -  that helps regulate the entire hormone system.

One tablespoon of Spirulina a day can eliminate iron anaemia, the most common mineral deficiency. Spirulina is the most digestible protein food, especially important for malnourished people whose intestines can no longer absorb nutrients effectively. Clinical studies have shown Spirulina helps rebuild healthy intestinal flora. These health benefits have made it an excellent food for rapid recovery of children from malnutrition related diseases in Mexico , Togo , Romania , China , Rwanda, Zaire , India , Ukraine , and Belarus .


Spirulina is being produced in more than 22 countries and used in over 77 countries.