Safety of Spirulina

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Safety of Spirulina

Scientists have confirmed that spirulina has been safely consumed for hundreds of years by traditional peoples and shown nutritional and therapeutic health benefits. Most kinds of blue-green algae have not been subject to spirulina’s long safety testing. Hundreds of published scientific studies over the past thirty years have documented no toxicity.

Spirulina had three great advantages over other microalgae:

1.       Documented history of safe human consumption.

2.       Grows well in warm, highly alkaline and high pH water, and in those conditions can grow as a pure culture.

3.       With a long spiral shape filament, it is relatively easy to harvest.

However naturally grown Spirulina can be contaminated with microbes, heavy metals (including mercury, cadmium, lead, or arsenic), and radioactive divalent and trivalent metal ions. 

That is why it is important to obtain your Spirulina supplements from a reliable and ethical source.

Pure, Clean and Green!

OxyMin® pure organically grown Spirulina has been available in Australia since 2005 and has always been of the highest quality.

Independent Australian Laboratory Testing carried out in 2009 and again in 2104 confirms that
OxyMin® Spirulina is:


 A full screening was conducted of more than 50 chemicals, pesticides, impurities and heavy metals. All results were below established levels of detection. 

DNA Tested for Purity

A further test was commissioned from Dr Glenn Graham  - a leading forensic specialist from the  Qld Health Forensic and Scientific Services – to ascertain that OxyMin® Spirulina was true to label as Spirulina Maxima and no other potentially  toxic forms of algae were included.

In response to concerns of radiation content from ever aware consumers and health practitioners over the Fukushima incident OxyMin® have  now commissioned  a full radiation screening. Read more about this in Spirulina News: Radiation Testing All Clear